multi-family community

multi-family community

Type: 314 Multi-Family Units (11 Buildings) & 1 Parking Garage

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Role: Project Manager during the entitlements process

The project is located on a 8-acre site. The project will have 314 apartment units, 2 swimming pools, and a club house of approximately 2,500 square feet. The units vary in size from 720 square feet to 1,283 square feet with one, two, and three bedrooms. There are three building typologies and 12 buildings that are separated by extensive, on-grade, active and passive landscaped community open spaces. The open spaces are linked through a network of wide pedestrian paths that creates the “city block” massing of the project. The majority of parking is provided with a free standing garage of approximate height and width of the apartment buildings. A roof garden on top of the garage and vertical landscaping on all four sides screens the garage from any public view.

[Drawings & images were produced for Paul Essick Architects]