mixed-use urban development

mixed-use urban development

Type: 3 Stories of Multi-Family Units over 2-Stories of Community & Commercial Programs

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Role: Studio project at USC

The general form of the design is inspired by the relationships between the different programs and how they weave (or stay separate) with each other. The weaving of the form allows for the users of the various programs to cross path with each other and increase interaction between different groups of people.

The first three floors consists of retail, restaurants, community programs, and a “contaminant program”. The purpose of the contaminant program is to provide the project with a unique characteristic that would set the project apart from the rest of the community. In this case, the contaminent program consists of a learning center where local students could come to receive tutoring and use the computer facilities. The fourth thru seventh floors consists of a mixture of senior, student, and market rate apartments. Community rooms are strategically placed to provide opportunities for interaction between the different groups.