single-family + townhomes

single-family + townhomes

Type: 28 Multi-Family Units & 152 Single-Family Units

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Role: Project Manager during the entitlements process

The 16-acre property is predominately surrounded by single-family homes and small shopping centers. The property was originally zoned for 10-20 dwelling units per acre; However, due to the nature of the surrounding community, we proposed to downzone a portion of the site to under 10 dwelling units per acre, while maintaining the higher density at the Northwest corner. The lower density portion of the site consists of 152 detached and attached (duplexes) single-family units. The higher density portion of the site consists of 28 townhomes above an on-grade garage. The project was well received by the neighbors and the planning staff.

[Drawings & images were produced for Paul Essick Architects]